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Windsor Brokers Review

"Windsor Brokers has been responsible for some of the most successful trades in the online brokerage arena - but can they be trusted?"

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Overview of Windsor Brokers

Windsor Brokers is an international online brokerage founded in 1988 in Cyprus. It provides a broad range of trading services, including Forex, CFDs, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. Windsor Brokers has won numerous awards for its services, such as the “Best Forex Broker” award from the Global Banking & Finance Review in 2019.

Pros of Windsor Brokers

Cons of Windsor Brokers

Founders and Public Opinion

Windsor Brokers was founded in 1988 by the late Mr. George M. Xatzopoulos and his son Mr. George Xatzopoulos, who is still the company’s CEO today. Public opinion of Windsor Brokers is generally positive, with many customers praising their customer service and low minimum deposit requirement. However, some customers have complained about the high spreads and commission fees charged by Windsor Brokers.

Windsor Brokers Newsworthy Events

In 2019, Windsor Brokers was awarded the “Best Forex Broker” award from the Global Banking & Finance Review. In 2020, Windsor Brokers launched its own proprietary trading platform called “WB Pro” which provides advanced features such as one-click trading and real-time market analysis tools. Additionally, in 2021, Windsor Brokers announced that it was introducing a new account type called “WB Prime” which offers lower spreads and enhanced trading features.