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Virtual Brokers Review

"Virtual Brokers is shaking up the online brokerage industry with its aggressive fees and cutting-edge technology. Can they really take on the top brokerages and win?"

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Virtual Brokers: A Comprehensive Review


Virtual Brokers is a Canadian independent online brokerage firm founded in 2008. The company is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). It offers the following services: online stock trading, portfolio management, margin loans, options trading, mutual fund purchases, and more. Virtual Brokers also offers free real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and integrated research for its clients.




Virtual Brokers was founded by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Stephen Eidelman and Robert Tattersall. They bring a combined 35 years of industry experience to the company. Stephen Eidelman has held a variety of senior executive positions in the financial industry, while Robert Tattersall has been an active investor in the Canadian markets since 2000. Both founders are passionate about providing Canadians with access to affordable investing products and services.

Public Opinion

The public opinion of Virtual Brokers is generally positive. Many people appreciate its low commissions and fees, as well as its advanced tools and research capabilities. However, some customers have complained about the lack of mutual funds and ETFs available for purchase on the platform. Additionally, there have been some reports of slow customer service response times.

Newsworthy Events

Virtual Brokers has been involved in several newsworthy events over the past few years. In 2018, the company launched their new website and mobile app, making it easier for customers to manage their investments on the go. In 2019, they were named one of Canada’s Top 10 Online Brokerages by The Globe and Mail’s annual ranking. Most recently, in 2020 Virtual Brokers was acquired by BMO Financial Group for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition allows BMO to expand its digital wealth management services across Canada.