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TradeStation Global Review

"TradeStation Global is not the best online brokerage for everyone, as it may be too expensive and the platform too complex for novice traders." Does TradeStation Global really offer the best value?

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TradeStation Global Overview


TradeStation Global is an online brokerage founded in 1982 by two brothers, William and Rafael Cruz. It is headquartered in Plantation, Florida, and offers services such as online trading and wealth management. TradeStation Global is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The company has become one of the most popular online brokerages due to its low cost commissions, easy-to-use trading platform, and comprehensive research tools.

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Public Opinion of TradeStation Global

Overall, TradeStation Global has a positive reputation among investors. Most users praise the company's low trading fees, intuitive trading platform, and comprehensive research tools. However, some users have complained about the limited international trading options, lack of access to mutual funds or bonds, and limited educational materials. Nevertheless, TradeStation Global remains a popular choice for investors who wish to trade equities, options, futures, and forex.

Newsworthy Events Around TradeStation Global

In 2020, TradeStation Global announced a major partnership with Goldman Sachs Investment Partners (GSIP). The partnership will allow TradeStation customers to access Goldman Sachs’s portfolio management services and research. In addition, TradeStation Global has recently launched a new social trading platform called SocialSignals that allows users to follow and copy successful traders in real time. Finally, TradeStation Global has also announced a program called “Trade with Confidence” which offers free educational webinars to help novice traders learn the basics of investing.