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"TradeRepublic is shaking up the online brokerage scene with its low-cost fees and intuitive user interface. But can it really deliver on its promises to revolutionize the industry?"

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TradeRepublic Overview

TradeRepublic is an online brokerage service based in Germany. It is known for its low-cost trades, quick execution times and user-friendly platform. Founded in 2015 by Christian Hecker, Marc Wehlauer, and Thomas Pischke, TradeRepublic has quickly established itself as one of the market leaders in Europe’s online brokerage industry.

Pros of Trade Republic

Cons of Trade Republic

Public Opinion of Trade Republic

The public opinion of TradeRepublic is generally positive. Its popularity has grown in recent years due to its low-cost trades, quick execution times, and user-friendly platform. The company has also been praised for its highly regulated environment and automated trading capabilities. However, some users have reported that the selection of stocks available for trading is limited, and that there is no access to international markets or margin trading.

Newsworthy Events Around Trade Republic

In 2019, TradeRepublic closed a funding round worth €25 million. This was followed by another funding round in 2020 which raised €90 million. In 2021, TradeRepublic announced that it had reached 3 million users and that it had achieved profitability. Most recently in 2021, TradeRepublic launched a new app called ‘Instant’ which allows users to invest in stocks without having to wait for funds to clear.