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Thinkorswim Review

"Thinkorswim is unlike any other online brokerage - they offer an incredibly sophisticated platform with more features than ever before, but this comes at a price: incredibly high fees." Is Thinkorswim worth the cost?

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Thinkorswim Overview: Pros, Cons & Newsworthy Events

Thinkorswim is a U.S.-based online brokerage platform owned by TD Ameritrade that offers a comprehensive range of options for traders and investors. It was founded in 1999 by Tom Sosnoff and Scott Sheridan, who built the company with a mission to provide an intuitive and powerful trading experience for its customers. Thinkorswim features a powerful suite of trading tools, including real-time trading data, advanced charting, and market analysis. It also offers educational resources for novice traders and experienced investors alike.



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Overall, Thinkorswim has established itself as one of the top online brokerages for traders and investors alike. With its comprehensive list of features, powerful tools, and competitive commission structure, it is a popular choice among both novice and professional traders. However, its high minimum deposit requirement may be a barrier to entry for some potential customers. Despite this, Thinkorswim remains a top choice for traders looking for an intuitive and powerful trading experience.