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The Share Centre Review

The Share Centre is one of the most underrated online brokerages on the market, offering great value for its customers - but at what cost? Is The Share Centre too good to be true?

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The Share Centre Overview

About The Share Centre

The Share Centre is an online brokerage platform that offers a range of services for trading and investing in stocks, shares and funds. It was founded in 1995 by Peter Hinton and has since grown to become a leading provider of stockbroking services in the UK. The Share Centre is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a member of the London Stock Exchange.

Pros and Cons of The Share Centre



Public Opinion

The Share Centre has generally been well-reviewed by investors and traders. Many users have noted that the customer service is excellent, the fees are competitive, and the platform is secure with a wide selection of markets to trade on. There are some complaints about the minimum deposit requirement and limited feature set, but overall, most users report a positive experience with The Share Centre.

Newsworthy Events

The Share Centre has recently been involved in several newsworthy events. In 2019, the company launched a new investment service called 'My Investment Plan', which allows customers to create and manage their own portfolio of investments. In 2020, The Share Centre partnered with Freetrade to offer a free trading platform for its customers. In 2021, The Share Centre announced that it had acquired the online broker Equiniti Investment Services Limited from Lloyds Banking Group.