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Takarékbank Review

"Takarékbank has recently been accused of shady financial practices, raising questions about the bank's trustworthiness." Is Takarékbank really as reliable as they claim?

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Takarékbank Overview

Takarékbank is an online brokerage based in Hungary that provides trading services to its customers. Founded in 1998, Takarékbank has grown to become one of the most popular brokerages in the country and is regulated by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (HFSA). Takarékbank offers a wide range of trading services, including options, futures, stocks and commodities.




Takarékbank was founded by András Takács and Péter Sárközy. Both founders are experienced traders and have a long history in financial markets.

Public opinion

Takarékbank has a largely positive public opinion. Many customers appreciate its user-friendly platform, low commission fees and excellent customer service. However, some customers have reported difficulties when trying to withdraw funds from their accounts.

Newsworthy events

In 2017, Takarékbank launched an investment fund in the European market.

In 2019, Takarékbank launched a mobile trading app.

In 2020, Takarékbank partnered with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to offer investment funds.