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Stockpile Review

"Stockpile is one of the most successful online brokerages in the world, but its lack of customer service and high fees make it a risky choice for investors." Are investors ready to gamble their money with Stockpile?

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Overview of Stockpile

Stockpile is an online brokerage service that makes it simple to buy and sell stocks and ETFs. It was founded in 2015 by Avi Lele and Chris Larson and is based in San Francisco, California. The company offers a unique micro-investment platform that enables users to make small investments without the burden of high trading costs. It also allows users to give stock as a gift, which makes it an attractive option for new investors.

Pros of Stockpile

Cons of Stockpile

Public Opinion of Stockpile

Overall, public opinion of Stockpile is positive. Many users appreciate the low trading costs and the ability to give stock as a gift. However, some reviewers have noted that the lack of research tools and margin accounts can be a downside.

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