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Speedtrader Review

"Speedtrader has quickly become one of the most widely used online brokerages, but its rapid growth raises questions about its ability to provide a consistently reliable experience for its customers." Is Speedtrader too successful for its own good?

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Speedtrader Overview

Speedtrader is an online brokerage founded in 2004 by the parent company, Orangeburg, New York-based Speedtrader Financial Services Corp. The company offers trading platforms for equities, options, and futures with access to international exchanges. In addition, Speedtrader also provides a variety of educational resources and customer service.



Public Opinion of Speedtrader

The public opinion of Speedtrader is generally positive. Many traders praise the company for its competitive commission rates, advanced trading tools, fast and reliable order execution, and wide range of international exchanges. However, some customers have complained about the lack of access to mutual funds or bonds, the lack of a mobile app, the high minimum balance requirement for margin accounts, and the high fees for withdrawals and transfers.

Newsworthy Events Around Speedtrader

(November 2019) - Speedtrader launched TradeZero America to provide free commission stock and ETF trading.

(October 2019) - Speedtrader acquired online brokerage Capital Markets Elite Group.

(August 2019) - Speedtrader filed an 8-K with the SEC regarding a change in control.

(May 2019) - SpeedTrader partnered with Silexx Financial Systems LLC to offer customized trading solutions to their clients.

(April 2018) - SpeedTrader filed a 10 Registration Statement with the SEC regarding their offering of securities.