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Shaw And Partners Limited Review

"Shaw And Partners Limited has revolutionized the online brokerage industry, but some argue that the company is too powerful and that it is increasingly difficult to make decisions independently." Is Shaw And Partners Limited too big to fail?

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Overview of Shaw and Partners Limited

Shaw and Partners Limited (Shaw) is an Australian corporate stockbroking and financial services company founded in 1994. The company provides financial services to listed companies, private companies, institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Shaw has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Singapore.

Pros & Cons of Shaw and Partners Limited



Founders and History

Shaw and Partners was founded by Stephen Kelleher in 1994. Kelleher has since retired from the company but remains a major shareholder. The company is now owned by the majority shareholders and managed by a board of directors which includes prominent figures in the corporate and finance industry such as former Prime Minister John Howard.

Public Opinion

Shaw and Partners has generally positive reviews from its customers. Many customers praise the company for its quick response times and knowledgeable staff. Some customers note that the fees are higher than other brokers but they are still satisfied with the overall service. There have also been some complaints about the lack of research tools and limited customer service.

Newsworthy Events

In 2020, Shaw announced a strategic partnership with global fintech firm Quantifi to launch a new online trading platform for its clients. In 2021, Shaw announced that it had been appointed as the lead adviser for the float of IT services company Superloop on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). In 2022, Shaw was appointed as the lead manager for the listing of Afterpay on the ASX.