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Scotia Itrade Review

"Scotia Itrade is known for its low-cost fees, but surprisingly they don't offer any commission-free trades - a feature that many online brokerages now offer. But with Scotia Itrade, are you really getting what you pay for?"

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Overview of Scotia iTRADE

Scotia iTRADE is an online brokerage service founded in 1996 and owned by Scotiabank. It offers a wide range of investing services such as self-directed investing, managed portfolios, and margin trading. Scotia iTRADE also provides comprehensive research and trading tools to its clients.

Pros of Scotia iTRADE

Cons of Scotia iTRADE

Public Opinion

The overall public opinion of Scotia iTRADE is positive. It is highly rated by customers for its low commissions and fees, as well as its helpful research tools. However, some customers have complained about limited international market access and the lack of mutual funds and retirement accounts.


Scotia iTRADE was founded by Scotiabank in 1996. Scotiabank is one of Canada’s largest banks and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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