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S Broker Review

S Broker is one of the most expensive online brokerages around, yet they continue to offer below-average customer service. Is S Broker really worth the high cost?

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S Broker: An Overview

S Broker is an online brokerage service founded in 2000 in Germany. It is one of the largest online brokers in the country and is operated by Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, a large German financial services provider. S Broker offers a wide range of services including stock and bond trading, equity research and analysis, foreign exchange trading, and access to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It also provides investment advice and retirement planning services.



Public Opinion

S Broker is generally well-regarded by its customers. Many users have praised its wide range of services and its excellent customer support. However, some users have complained about its high fees and limited international reach. Overall, S Broker has a mostly positive reputation among its customers.

Recent News

In April 2021, S Broker was granted approval by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to offer derivatives trading services. This approval was a big step forward for the company as it will now be able to offer more products and services to its customers. In addition, S Broker recently launched a new mobile app that allows customers to manage their investments on the go. The app has received positive reviews from customers who find it easy to use and convenient.