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NinjaTrader Review

"NinjaTrader is quickly becoming one of the leading online brokerages, but can it really be trusted to handle our hard-earned money in a reliable and secure way?"

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Overview of NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader is a powerful online trading and charting platform used by traders and investors around the world. It was founded in 2003 by Ray Deux, Mark C. and Dr. Robert Uek, and has since become one of the most popular trading platforms available. NinjaTrader offers users an array of tools to help them make informed trading decisions, including charting tools, market data analysis tools, advanced order types, and even automated trading strategies.



Public Opinion

Overall, NinjaTrader is well-respected in the trading community. Many experienced traders find its powerful charting capabilities and advanced order types to be invaluable. However, new traders may find the learning curve steep, as there is no mobile app and a limited selection of order types.

News & Events

NinjaTrader 8 Released: April 2020: NinjaTrader released its latest version – NinjaTrader 8 – in April 2020. The new version offers a number of improvements over its predecessor, including faster data processing speeds, enhanced charting capabilities and more intuitive user interface elements.

SEC Investor Alert: June 2019: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an investor alert in June 2019 warning investors about potential risks associated with NinjaTrader. The alert cautioned investors to be aware of any unauthorized third parties offering investment advice or recommending investments based on NinjaTrader’s platform, as well as potential frauds associated with the platform.