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Mayzus Review

Mayzus has been one of the most contentious online brokerages in recent years; some users praise its customer service while others criticize its fees and trading conditions. Is Mayzus a worthwhile choice for traders, or is it all hype?

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Overview of Mayzus

Mayzus is an online brokerage founded in 2006. It offers a wide range of services and products, including forex, CFDs, stocks, indices, commodities, and more. The company is registered in the UK and Cyprus and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).




Mayzus was founded in 2006 by Alexander Lutsenko, who currently serves as the CEO. The other founders are Dmitry Kravchuk and Dmitry Fesunenko.

Public Opinion

Public opinion of Mayzus is generally positive. The company has a good reputation in the industry and many customers have expressed satisfaction with their services. However, there are some complaints about customer service and the lack of educational materials.

Newsworthy Events

In 2012, Mayzus was granted an Investment Firm License from CySEC. This allowed them to provide investment services to clients in Europe. In 2013, Mayzus received a license from the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate as an international broker. In 2017, the company launched its own hedge fund, called Mayzus Investment Company Ltd.