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Maxblue has managed to stay ahead of the competition despite its lower fees and commissions! How does maxblue keep up with the trend when other brokerages are offering higher rates?

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Maxblue Overview

Maxblue is an online brokerage founded in Germany in 1998 by the Deutsche Bank Group. It offers a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. The company is regulated by the German Financial Supervisory Authority and German Stock Exchange. It also holds a number of banking licenses from various national and international regulatory authorities.

Pros of Maxblue

Cons of Maxblue

Public Opinion

Maxblue has an overall positive public opinion among investors. It is seen as an affordable broker with a wide selection of products and services. However, some customers have experienced problems with customer service and there have been reports of slow trading execution speeds. Overall, Maxblue is seen as a reliable online broker with competitive fees and commissions.

Newsworthy Events

In 2018, Maxblue was one of the first companies to offer free ETFs to private investors in Germany. In 2019, it expanded its offerings to include mutual funds. In 2020, Maxblue announced that it was launching a new mobile app that would provide users with easy access to their investments. In 2021, it partnered with the European Central Bank to provide customers with access to euro-denominated products. Additionally, it launched its own digital currency called maxcoin in 2021.