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Macquarie Securities Limited Review

"Macquarie Securities Limited has made some of the boldest moves in the online brokerage industry, but is it enough to make them the best?"

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Overview of Macquarie Securities Limited

Macquarie Securities Limited (MSL) is an Australian-based investment bank and financial services provider. It is part of the Macquarie Group, an international financial services provider. MSL was established in 1981 by the founders of Macquarie Group and is now a prominent player in the industry, offering a range of services including investments, asset management, and banking services. MSL’s main offices are located in Sydney, Australia and its services are available to clients from around the world. The company has established itself as a reliable and respected provider of online brokerages, with a wide range of tools and resources to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Pros & Cons

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Public Opinion

Macquarie Securities Limited has generally been well-received by the public, with many satisfied customers praising the company’s technology, customer service, and competitive fees and commissions. However, there have been some complaints from customers about the lack of international stock trading options and commission-free ETFs. Some customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with MSL’s limited availability in certain countries.

Newsworthy Events

In October 2017, Macquarie Securities Limited launched their new online trading platform ‘Macquarie Connect’ which allows clients to access their accounts and trade directly on the platform. In April 2019, the company was fined $2 million by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) for failing to adequately supervise its employees’ communications with clients. In February 2021, MSL announced the launch of their new mobile app which provides customers with easy access to their accounts and trading tools on the go.