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Lightyear Review

"Lightyear has been at the forefront of online trading for years, but some investors have recently begun to question its reliability." How secure is Lightyear's online trading platform?

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Lightyear Overview

Lightyear is an online brokerage that offers a wide variety of services, from stock and ETF trading to margin lending and ETF research. It was founded by two entrepreneurs, Michael Novogratz and Matthew Scholes, in 2013. The company has since grown to become a leading online brokerage for traders and investors alike.



Public Opinion

Lightyear has generally positive reviews from its users. Many reviewers praise the company for its competitive fees and wide selection of products and services. Some reviewers have noted Lightyear's lack of special features or incentives as a downside, but overall users seem satisfied with the broker.

Newsworthy Events

In 2020, Lightyear acquired the online brokerage Loyal3, which allowed Lightyear to expand its customer base and offer Loyal3 customers a wider range of services. In 2021, Lightyear announced that it had partnered with the SEC-registered securities clearing firm Apex Clearing to provide its customers with access to Apex's clearing services. Lightyear also recently announced that it would be offering commission-free trading on US stocks and ETFs.