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Internaxx Review

Internaxx is a popular online brokerage, but its high fees may be too much for some investors. Is it worth it to pay more for Internaxx's services?

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Overview of Internaxx: The Luxembourg-based Online Broker

Internaxx is an online brokerage founded by Canadian entrepreneur Edoardo Magni in 2002. It is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). Internaxx is known for its innovative technology solutions, competitive pricing, and a wide range of instruments.



Public Opinion

The public opinion of Internaxx is generally positive. Users appreciate its wide range of instruments, competitive pricing, and innovative technology solutions. Some users have also reported that customer service was responsive and helpful. On the other hand, some users have complained about high fees for certain services and the lack of 24/7 customer support.


Recently, Internaxx has announced that it is launching a new mobile app to provide customers with an improved user experience. The app will offer real-time insights into their portfolio performance and allow them to trade on the go. Additionally, Internaxx has recently partnered with a leading European bank to offer its customers access to additional products and services.