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Hsbc Online Share Trading Review

"HSBC Online Share Trading is one of the most reliable brokerages on the market, but it has been accused of charging excessive fees and commissions to its customers." Is this the price we have to pay for reliability?

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Overview of HSBC Online Share Trading




HSBC was founded in 1865 in Hong Kong, by Thomas Sutherland. It is now one of the world's largest financial services organisations with operations in more than 60 countries and territories. The company’s head office is located in London, UK. HSBC Online Share Trading is part of the HSBC Group.

Public Opinion of HSBC Online Share Trading

Overall, public opinion of HSBC Online Share Trading is mixed. On the one hand, some users have praised the platform for its low fees and international trading capabilities. On the other hand, many users have complained about the website and platform being slow and laggy, as well as the high fees and lack of mobile trading options.

Notable Newsworthy Events

In 2018, HSBC was fined $100 million by the US Department of Justice for failing to properly monitor its foreign exchange trading activities. In 2019, the company was also fined $765 million by US regulators for its role in money laundering activities. More recently, in 2020, HSBC announced that it had cut ties with an oil and gas firm linked to deforestation in Indonesia. In addition, the company recently announced that it was launching a new online platform for retail investors.