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Finpro Trading Review

"Finpro Trading has become one of the most trusted online brokerages in the industry, despite their relatively short history in the business. But how can a company that has only been around for a few years be so reliable?"

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Finpro Trading: An Overview

Finpro Trading is an online brokerage firm that was launched in 2006. It is a multi-asset broker that provides services for both retail and institutional investors. The company is based in Estonia and is regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA). Finpro Trading has been well-received by traders, who praise its competitive pricing, reliable infrastructure and user-friendly platform. It also offers a wide range of products and services, including forex trading, CFDs, stocks and commodities.

Pros of Finpro Trading

Cons of Finpro Trading

Founders of Finpro Trading

Finpro Trading was founded by two entrepreneurs from Estonia, Juri Lember and Toivo Annus. They have both had extensive experience in the financial industry before launching the company. In addition to their backgrounds in finance, they also have expertise in software development, which has been instrumental in developing the company’s user-friendly platform.

Public Opinion of Finpro Trading

Overall, Finpro Trading has a positive reputation among traders. Many praise its competitive pricing, reliable infrastructure and user-friendly platform. However, some have raised concerns about its lack of customer support options and the absence of research or educational resources.

News Events Around Finpro Trading

In 2018, Finpro Trading was awarded the “Best Forex Broker” award at the European Forex Expo in London. This was a significant milestone for the company as it was the first time it was recognized on an international level. In 2020, Finpro Trading launched its new mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access their accounts from anywhere with an internet connection. The app has been well-received by traders and has further cemented Finpro Trading’s reputation as one of the premier online brokerages.