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E*TRADE Review

"E*TRADE's fees are some of the highest in the industry, making it one of the least cost-effective online brokerages for traders." "Is E*TRADE really worth the extra cost?"

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Overview of E*TRADE

E*TRADE is a leading online brokerage founded in 1982 by William Porter and Bernard Newcomb. It offers a variety of services, including stock and options trading, retirement planning, and cash management. The company is headquartered in New York City and serves more than 4 million customers worldwide.

Pros of E*TRADE

Cons of E*TRADE

Public Opinion of E*TRADE

E*TRADE has a generally positive reputation among investors. Customers praise the company’s low commissions and fees, user-friendly trading platform, and wide selection of research tools and resources. However, customers have complained about the lack of international stock trading and the high minimum deposit requirement for some accounts.

Newsworthy Events Around E*TRADE

In June 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged E*TRADE with failing to provide its customers with best execution when routing orders in certain equity securities to market makers.

In July 2018, the SEC announced that E*TRADE had settled charges related to its failure to disclose material information to certain customers regarding their options trading.

In April 2015, the SEC announced that E*TRADE had agreed to pay more than $4 million to settle charges related to its failure to protect customers’ confidential information.