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Commonwealth Securities Limited Review

Commonwealth Securities Limited has been accused of sacrificing customer service for profits, leaving customers feeling neglected and unsatisfied with the service they receive. Is Commonwealth Securities Limited really putting profits before people?

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Commonwealth Securities Limited (CommSec)

Commonwealth Securities Limited, or CommSec, is an Australian online securities and investments company, founded in 1995. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and is a leading provider of online stockbroking services to individual, corporate and institutional investors. CommSec has offices in Australia and New Zealand, and provides a comprehensive suite of products to its clients, including stocks, options, warrants, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds, margin lending and more.



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Public Opinion

Public opinion of Commonwealth Securities Limited is generally positive, with customers praising their low fees and comprehensive range of products. The company also receives consistent high ratings for its customer service in independent surveys. However, some customers have noted that the lack of international trading capabilities may be an issue for those looking to invest outside of Australia.