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CIBC Mellon Review

CIBC Mellon has become one of the most sought after online brokerages, but its lack of transparency has many investors wary. Is CIBC Mellon sacrificing its customers' trust for profits?

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CIBC Mellon Overview: Pros, Cons, and News

What is CIBC Mellon?

CIBC Mellon is a joint venture between CIBC and The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation that was founded in 1996. It is a leading provider of asset servicing solutions for pension, insurance, and mutual fund clients in Canada. CIBC Mellon works with both institutional and retail investors to help them manage their investments. As of 2021, CIBC Mellon has over CAD 8 trillion in assets under administration.

Pros of CIBC Mellon

Cons of CIBC Mellon

Public Opinion

CIBC Mellon has generally received positive reviews from its customers. It has been praised for its integrated solutions, security measures, and technology. On the other hand, customers have also raised concerns about legal issues, regulatory risks, and cybersecurity threats.

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