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Bell Potter Securities Limited Review

"Bell Potter Securities Limited is an online brokerage firm that has been accused of unethical practices and questionable customer service." Is Bell Potter Securities Limited really the broker of choice for investors?

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Overview of Bell Potter Securities Limited

Bell Potter Securities Limited is a leading online brokerage firm based in Australia. Founded in 1987, the firm provides trading services to investors worldwide. As one of Australia's oldest and largest brokers, Bell Potter provides a range of services including stockbroking, margin lending, and portfolio management. The company is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and is a member of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).



Founders & History

Bell Potter was founded in 1987 by current chairman and managing director, Tony Bell. Mr. Bell has over 40 years’ experience in the financial services industry and began his career as a stockbroker in Perth. He has led the company through many changes and established Bell Potter as one of Australia’s most successful broking firms.

Public Opinion

Overall, the public opinion of Bell Potter Securities Limited is positive. Many investors have praised the firm for its reliable services, competitive fees and wide selection of markets. While there are some complaints that the trading platform can be difficult to use for beginners and customer support options are limited for international customers, these issues haven't had a significant impact on public opinion.

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