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Bcs Forex Review

"Bcs Forex is often overlooked in the online brokerage space, yet it consistently delivers a great user experience that rivals even the most popular brokerages." But what is the secret behind Bcs Forex's success?

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BCS Forex Overview

BCS Forex is a regulated online broker offering a variety of services for traders and investors. Founded in 1998, the company is located in Moscow, Russia and is regulated by the Central Bank of Russia. BCS Forex specializes in providing services to private, corporate and institutional clients from over 160 countries. The company also has a wide range of products, including stocks, futures, options, CFDs, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

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The Founders of BCS Forex

BCS Forex was founded by two Russian businessmen, Andrey Dashin and Dmitry Tarasov. Dashin is a well-known figure in the Russian financial market and has experience in trading and investment banking. Tarasov has experience in banking and software engineering. The two founders have been able to use their expertise to create a successful online brokerage.

Public Opinion of BCS Forex

Overall, BCS Forex has a positive reputation among traders and investors. Most reviews praise the company for its competitive spreads, wide range of tradable assets, high leverage and reliable platforms. Some users have complained about the lack of bonuses and promotions offered by the company, as well as the limited educational resources.

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