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Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited Review

"Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited are one of the most expensive online brokerages on the market, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming a popular choice for many traders. But is their premium worth the price tag?"

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Overview of Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited is a privately-owned, independent Australian stockbroking firm. Founded in 1994, they have grown to become a leading provider of trading solutions and services, offering a wide range of investment and financial advice to their clients. They are a full-service stockbroker, providing market access and advice across listed equities, options, warrants, and derivatives. Pros The primary benefit of using Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited is the experience and expertise that comes with working with an experienced team of professionals. The company offers a range of services including online trading and access to global markets, tailored investment advice, portfolio management, and corporate finance services. They also offer a range of research options, such as market analysis and daily reports. All services are tailored to meet the individual needs of their clients. Cons Despite offering a comprehensive range of services, there are some downsides to using Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited. Firstly, their fees can be quite high compared to other stockbroking firms. Additionally, the company only offers services to those based in Australia, which means those based outside of the country cannot take advantage of their services. Founders Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited was founded by David Laidlaw-Johnson and Peter Mouatt in 1994. Both David and Peter had extensive experience in the financial services industry before starting the business, giving them the knowledge and expertise required to build a successful stockbroking firm. Public Opinion The public opinion of Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited is generally positive. They have an excellent reputation for providing quality service to their clients, with many praising the expertise and knowledge of their team. They also receive good reviews for their research capabilities and tailored advice for individual investors. The only criticism they receive is for their high fees when compared to other stockbroking firms. Newsworthy Events In 2020, Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited announced that they had been granted approval by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) [link]. This approval allowed them to provide financial services across Australia, expanding their reach into new markets. In 2021, they were also named as one of the ‘Top 10 Best Performing Brokerages’ by Investment Trends [link]. This recognition highlighted their strength in the market as well as their commitment to providing quality service to their clients.