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Auburn National Bancorporation Review

"Auburn National Bancorporation offers some of the lowest trading fees in the industry, yet its customer service reviews are among the worst - is this company cutting corners to offer these great rates?"

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Auburn National Bancorporation Overview

Auburn National Bancorporation is an American banking company founded in 1999. It operates out of Auburn, Alabama and provides a variety of banking services to individuals, small businesses, and corporations. The company offers a wide range of financial products, including savings accounts, checking accounts, debit cards, money market accounts, and loans.

Auburn National Bancorporation has a long history of delivering quality customer service through its network of online and in-person banking locations. Its customers have consistently rated the company highly for its service, convenience, and competitive rates. The company also has a strong online presence with its website providing a range of banking tools and information.

The founders of Auburn National Bancorporation are William L. Smith and Robert L. McKee. They are experienced bankers with extensive knowledge in the financial services industry. They have both been involved in the banking industry for over 25 years, and have helped to create a strong foundation for the success of Auburn National Bancorporation.



Newsworthy Events Around Auburn National Bancorporation

September 2020: Auburn National Bancorporation announced the launch of their new mobile banking app. The app gives customers access to their accounts 24/7 from anywhere with just a few taps.

March 2021: Auburn National Bancorporation was selected by the FDIC as one of the top five banks for customer service in Alabama. The selection was based on surveys from customers who had used their services.

June 2021: The Federal Reserve Board announced that Auburn National Bancorporation had received approval to open a new branch in Montgomery, Alabama. The new branch will provide additional services to customers in the area.